Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Milan Fashion Week is This Week! (MEN)

Gucci is definitely one of my favorites so far!

The shoes are a favorite.
Instead of doing anything in Business Class (do we ever do anything?), Izzer and I were freaking out over this collection.
Besides, we were SO pissed that our teacher wouldn't let us watch Obama's frikkin SPEECH!
The shoes were amazing (gosh, since when am I a shoe guy?)
And the skinny pants with the color palette was my favorite.
I also really enjoyed Prada (sooo timeless and chic) and Jil Sander (duh)

I picked out five of my favorite looks!

Amazing tie/shirt combo!

Awesome use of primary colors! The shoes are HOOOOT.
and the white collar is a great trend right now. I want this for formal!

What can I say? Just "YES".


Honestly. I would wear this to school. and work it.
That bag is PERFECT for the rest of fall. but my Fred Perry bag is awesome, too!

Of course, you can see the whole collection for yourself!
Here it is


  1. You SO lied.


    You mentioned shoes!

    Jk i love/miss you!