Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gettin Mah Hur Did

I think I want this..


It's not that much different from my current "do", but it is MUCH better.
And yes, I do want to go back to the black.
I just wish I had those cheekbones ;)


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Perfection

This is the GORGEOUS model Lily Donaldson in the newest issue of V magazine (not to be confused with Vogue)

Dress Rick Owens
Ring Maison Martin Margiela Line 12

Dress Prada
Shoes Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere
Earring Jil Sander

Just a simply amazing editorial. Once again, BALENCIAGA SHOOOOESSSSSSS!
Aren't they just.... indescribable?

P.S. Click on all pics to see their actual size :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Definition of Sex:


I knew she was doing the Louis Vuitton Campaign, but when I opened my new February Vogue magazine, I was NOT expecting to see THAT inside the front cover!

I CANNOT stop looking at it!!!!

This is pure legend.

I LOVE everything about this....

Plus, this month's Vogue is amazing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Special for my Lil Sister.


So, Shaina is my best friend and little sis.
We mutually decided that I would help her achieve fierceness ;)
She's cute and awesome, and she has great taste, but she just preferred my help!

Urban Outfitters is AMAZING. High  quality and high fashion at reasonable prices. Great for High School ages or right-out-of-high-school types.
I recommended some things and we came up with these fabulous things for her!

This is luxurious, trendy, and artsy!
I love it! Shaina actually picked this one out, I think.
I think this isn't too hard of a look to pull of.
But keep in mind that Shaina is VERY petite.

Only TEN DOLLARS! This is almost Chanel-like!
I think they're interesting and something fun opposed to just black tights (which I also love 
and recommend)

This is comfortable, current, and I love the flannel-plaid color look.
Just throw on some leggings and your favorite shoes and you're ready for a great school day :D

How about THESE ones?! I mean $42!!! Total bargain, and these look like what I just saw at Barney's last week!
Shaina loves these!
They're a great alternative to heels, if  you need to do a lot of walking or something.

Sadly, I once again can't find Shaina and I's favorite dress!
She saved the link though, so I'll post it tomorrow ;)
And we want it for her SOOOO BAD!!!

So yep, this is kinda like Shaina's styling session in blog form.

I need to go to Urban SOOON.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Milan Fashion Week is This Week! (MEN)

Gucci is definitely one of my favorites so far!

The shoes are a favorite.
Instead of doing anything in Business Class (do we ever do anything?), Izzer and I were freaking out over this collection.
Besides, we were SO pissed that our teacher wouldn't let us watch Obama's frikkin SPEECH!
The shoes were amazing (gosh, since when am I a shoe guy?)
And the skinny pants with the color palette was my favorite.
I also really enjoyed Prada (sooo timeless and chic) and Jil Sander (duh)

I picked out five of my favorite looks!

Amazing tie/shirt combo!

Awesome use of primary colors! The shoes are HOOOOT.
and the white collar is a great trend right now. I want this for formal!

What can I say? Just "YES".


Honestly. I would wear this to school. and work it.
That bag is PERFECT for the rest of fall. but my Fred Perry bag is awesome, too!

Of course, you can see the whole collection for yourself!
Here it is

Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Formal is Coming Up!

And I need SHOES!
How about these beauties from Dior Homme?

Haha I wish!

They're on sale though!!!

I want silver!!!!

And I promise the next post won't be about shoes.
Especially ones that are fantasies...

Random Obsession


by Kim Leoni

The lyrics are obviously terrible, and the singing isn't particularly strong...
but I cannot stop listening to it!!

First "Real" Post (sad)

I was reading an issue of Nylon over winter break.
I pretty much died when I saw these Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere shoes.
He's so futuristic.
And these are so.... battle queen!

I said this is a blog for high schoolers, eh?
Oops, I don't think any high schooler could afford these.
Each complete with a $2,000 price tag...

Oh well, eye candy!

These ones to the right make me orgasm.


Obviously, and as always, I should really be doing my homework. And as always, I'm coming up with new ways to avoid it.

I'm Christopher, and I am a figure skater, a dancer, an artist, and a fashionisto (I guess it's now a word?). These things are my passions, and I work very hard to pursue them (even though dance has been "taken away" and I never have time to draw or paint).
I basically started this blog for fashion. I want to learn more, as well as teach more. Also, I feel like a successful blog might be nice to show for an internship or assistant application.
This will mostly be a fashion blog...  Men's and women's! 

Sorry about the boring first post, but introductions are necessary while also being boring. 

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Merci beaucoup!